Andi 5.5.6

Bugs Fixed

Open Tools browser, navigate to Custom Queries tab, and select a saved query. Change part of Custom Query text, select Run, then exit browser. Reopening browser displays updated Custom Query, even though user did not select Update button. In the current version of Andi you access the Custom Queries using the Tools menu. The updated text will no longer be displayed unless the Custom Queries panel is left open.

When creating connection, if on the test connection page and navigating back, URL is deleted from entry page.
Need to handle table synonyms for the catalog explorer on Oracle  
The "Filter Values" function - Right click on results header works but edit->paste->SQL Modifications create a where clause "FILTER_VALUES in (1207,2130,3001)" where FILTER_VALUES must be the actual column name.  

Performance Enhancements

Alt-t with a default schema with 10,000+ tables/synonyms, the dialog disappears and then it take 15-20 seconds to display the selection list dialog? Use a table instead of a list??? After enhancements, 14,000+ tables display in less than 1.5 seconds.

The "Filter Values" selection list is very slow when the number of items is over 15,000 unique values.
 After enhancements, over 130,000 distinct names can be displayed in less than 1 second.



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