Andi 5.5.3 is here!

The Andi Team is incredibly excited about our next release - Andi 5.5.3 - which will be available in the first quarter of 2019. Take a look below at the new improvements and features available: 

Delete Rows from a Result Table

 Deleting one or more rows in a result set is as easy as selecting the rows and choose Delete Row(s).


Sorting and Filtering now Support CLOB and SQLXML Data Types

Quick Filter, Filter Designer and Column Sorting can now be used with CLOB and SQLXML. Refer to the Filter Designer and Sorting and filtering information for more information.


Preview Text is now Available for CLOB and SQLXML Columns

Hold the mouse over a CLOB or SQLXML column and preview text will be displayed. Selected the cell may be required to initiate the preview. Adjustments to the preview text can be made in the Result Set Preferences.


UI Look and Feel

Andi is a Java application and can change it's "Look and Feel" on the fly, allowing the user to choose a style which suits their needs. Each Look and Feel comes with one or more themes. Choose a Look and Feel, then a Theme and you will immediately see the changes. You can try out as many Look and Feels as you would like, they won't be saved until you click Apply. NOTE: Not all changes are immediate so you will need to restart Andi once you choose your Look and Feel.


A new JSON Viewer is now Available

Double click on the cell contains a JSON message.


The JSON Data Viewer provides formatted data viewing. The data may be changed and saved back to the file, or to the database.


Integrated Scripting now supports Calling Rest Services

For more information, open the Integrated Scripting Help menu and review the restClients and restClient components as shown.


Hide Columns which Contain only Blank and Nulls

Right click on the column headers and choose Hide Columns... menu. Select the "Hide Columns" and/or the "Consider blanks as null" options and click Apply.


A new Result Set Preference

 The "Maximum number of characters for text display" value will automatically write CHAR and VARCHAR column values to the file system (CLOB) when the value length is greater than the max number value. To disable this feature, just de-select the enabled checkbox. Note that CLOB columns use less memory which may be faster when large columns of data are present and large number of rows will be returned.


Bugs Fixed

If multiple columns have the same name but contain different data, when the data is exported the values in both output columns will be the values from the first column.
The HTTP connection library was replaced to resolve connection errors to the site. 
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