Andi 6.3.5 - Update to OpenJDK 17

Component Feature
JDK Update from JDK 1.8 to OpenJDK 17 which allows Andi to be independent of the JVM installed on the clients site and avoids problems where the JVM is deleted.
Third Part Libraries Libraries have been updated to take advantage of more recent JDK levels in addition to adding versions which don't have security issues logged.
Result Set Optimizations have improved the time it takes to create the ResultSet after query execution by 4.5 times. You can now load 8 million rows of the table in the time it took to load 35,000 rows in the last release.

Support was completely re-written to take advantage of POI streaming technology. This allows the maximum allowed Excel rows 1,048,576 to be exported in just seconds.

  • Charting - PNG file can be added to a SpreadSheet tag using the Chart View Dialog or just saving to a file.
Charting The Chart View Dialog was optimized by moving buttons to a menu which simplifies the design.
  • adding drawings to spreadsheets dynamically using "WithDrawings" methods
  • Other updates to sync with available method


Data Cleansing

CSV Parsing has been added to Integrated Scripting. Refer to Quickly verify, cleanse, analyze CSV files for more information. Extensive documentation, including examples, is provided on the helpcenter.

  • CSV Joining
  • Built in "extension processors" to assist in standardizing data
  • User defined "extension processors" allow customization
  • LOG mode allows running the complete file to capture all errors in one run. Now fix the input file and run again until clean.
  • Many more features - you have to check this out
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