What Are The Minimum System Requirements For Andi?

If you are taking a look at this article then you undoubtedly know what Andi is capable of... unfathomable speeds when querying data that leads to team productivity. You must have, at some point, thought about the resource requirements.

Boy, have we got some good news for you.

Operation System

The Windows installer currently limits the run-times to a Windows platform. If enough requests are logged for a feature enhancement, a new multi-platform installer will be considered.


When you download Andi you will have to choose between a  32 or 64 bit version. Always use the 64 bit version of Andi if you operating system supports 64 bit applications as it will allow you to retrieve much larger result sets if the need arises. To find out, visit this Microsoft Support Site.

That's it. No tricks, no hidden downloads, and no tricky toolbar installations (those are the worst).


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