Andi 5.5.1 is Now Available

The Andi Team is incredibly excited about our newest release - Andi 5.5.1 - which is now available for download (as of 10/29/2018)! Take a look below at the new improvements and features available:  

Andi Help Center

We are always looking for ways to provide our users with access to help on demand. Andi provides unique F1 Context Sensitive help within the application, along with many instructional articles available in the Help Center. For a quick way to access Help options or to Create a Support Ticket, select the Help menu within the Andi application: 

For more information, visit the Help Center article Andi Help

User Interface Changes 

In an effort to make Andi even more user friendly, Andi's user interface has been updated. the following is a compiled list of changes for reference: 

  • Tools Menu: Includes access to all of Andi's commonly used Tools (such as Statement History, Interactive Scripting Editor, and more). 


  • Query Editor Icons: The Query Editor icons have been paired down to display only the tools that directly relate to the Query Editor. You can find all other Tools under the Tools menu. The options now available are for the Dynamic SQL Creator and Dynamic SQL Visualizer (both brand new features!), and to add or remove a Query Editor connection. 



  • The View Organizer terminology has been updated to the Database Explorer (NO functionality has been changed in the process of changing the terminology). You can locate the Database Explorer from the Tools menu. 


Dynamic SQL Creator and Dynamic SQL Visualizer

Andi's Dynamic SQL Creator and Dynamic SQL Visualizer empower users of all skill levels to build and parse intelligent SQL Queries. This allows novice SQL users to quickly create, visualize, and modify statements without reliance on more Technical users. More experienced SQL users can eliminate wasted time and re-work spent writing lengthy and complex statements.


For more information visit the Help Center article Dynamically Creating, Visualizing and Modifying SQL Statements.

Dynamic Update

Andi's brand new Dynamic Data Update tool allows users to quickly update a Result Set Rows Column data, without the need to write complex and risky SQL Update Statements. This not only saves precious time, but also allows users who do not have as much SQL knowledge to update data without the risk of human error. 


For more information visit the Help Center article Dynamically Update Data.

Result Set Export

Andi users can now select queries from the Query Editor and use the new Export button to directly export data to a file. This allows users to more efficiently export data (think lightning fast export productivity!) while exporting hundreds of millions of rows without running out of memory.  

Note: This new feature will automatically create the @export Andi Tag for you! 

For more information on exporting in Andi, visit the Help Center article Exporting Data in Andi.

Filter Designer

The Filter Designer provides dynamic filtering for character, numeric, date, time and time stamp columns within Query Results. Once the Filter Designer opens, users can select a table column, and a Filter Value that is appropriate for the data type can be selected. 


For more information on how to use the Filter Designer for dynamic filtering, visit the Help Center article Filtering Query Results

New Preferences: Result Panel 

New preferences are now available that add more control over the Result Panel display. You can change the preferences by accessing from the Preferences menu, then selecting Application. The following preferences are new: 

  • Enable Formatters - Easily enable or disable all column formatters. For example, when needing to disable all formatters when exporting data to Excel. 
  • Highlight Null Values - When enabled this preference will add a yellow border around cells which are null (helping users distinguish whether a cell is Null or 0). 

  • Default Result Set Formatters - Default Formatters can now be changed globally from the Application Preferences. This preference will control the format for all Query Results.

Andi Generated Files

The Andi temporary file directory "temp" and logfile directory are now located under the Andi application installation directory.

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