Who We Are

Have you been using Andi and found yourself wondering just who, exactly, is behind it all? Well wonder no more!

Kerry O'Brien (President & Chief Architect) has 36+ years experience as a developer specializing in large scale applications. He had a dream to improve his own productivity, enhance the work life of other teams around him, and help businesses succeed - and with that in mind, he created Andi.


Andi is a revolutionary database productivity tool designed to help all users access and analyze data across the organization - but that is just the beginning. We hold true to our core values and vision:


We don’t have to be the biggest name out there – we just have to be the best. We are a small (but mighty) company delivering an affordable, high value solution to complex data challenges that organizations face.


We invest in dedicated staff to drive the growth and stability of the company. These passionate resources partner with your organization to ensure your success, and provide a contact for product suggestions, product training, and long term support. 


Andi is an innovative solution that is responding to a data-driven world facing new challenges for managing and using data to drive critical business decisions. We are disrupting outdated tools with a revolutionary solution that changes the way complex Relational and Big Data challenges are overcome.


Most importantly, we believe that life should be about more than work. By investing in people and communities in need we give back monetarily and through our time. This is engrained into what our employees represent. 

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